No Sightings of Your Lost Dog? Here are Some Tips

dog at sunset

We frequently hear from owners who are losing hope because they haven’t had any sightings of their missing dog.  There are several reasons for this and we encourage them to not give up.  Dogs are incredibly resilient and resourceful and can survive even the harshest conditions.

Reasons for few or no sightings:

  • Shortened daylight hours and colder temperatures in the late fall and winter mean that there is less opportunity for people to see your dog.
  • Temperature extremes (hot and cold) will keep your dog in hiding for longer periods of time until the weather breaks.
  • Tree foliage and tall crops in farm fields will limit sightings during the growing season.
  • Dogs who have been chased or pressured by people “searching” will remain in hiding more.

What can you do?

Continue to distribute flyers – preferably by hand, door to door.  This ensures that your flyer will actually get into the house and you have an opportunity to speak with the homeowner so they can see and feel your distress. They are much more likely to call you if you have made an effort to make a personal connection with them.  Do not rely on social media.  Your dog may be hanging around a house or farm where the owners don’t have a computer or don’t speak English. Hand delivered flyers are the NUMBER ONE way that sightings are generated and lost dogs are found.

Expand your flyering radius every day. Use a local map to mark off where you have flyered and continue to look for streets and neighborhoods that you haven’t done.   Remember, you are not only trying to find someone who HAS seen your dog, you are also notifying people who MIGHT see your dog tomorrow.  Don’t get discouraged!  You may distribute hundreds or thousands of flyers.  It only takes ONE good sighting or lead to bring your dog home.

Consider using newspaper ads and  intersection signs to reach an audience that you might have not reached yet.

Click on this link to create your free flyer and social media links from our software partner Pet FBI. One of our volunteers will post your dog’s listing to the appropriate state or provincial Facebook page.