Large Intersection Signs Bring Mama Home

Using large signs is one of the most effective things you can do to get your lost dog back home. Signs alert passing motorists who may see your dog and then instantly have the phone number to call.

Here is an article from our website to help guide you through the process of making and positioning signs for best results: Creating and Placing Effective Signs

The following write up is from a volunteer who helped with catching Mama safely:

A kind man saw one of the Lost Dog Signs while driving to work. On his way to work he spotted a black lab in the middle of CTY K in Star Lake. (Approx. 11 miles from where Mama escaped) The dog came right to him but would not get in his truck. The dog trotted off to a nearby house. He called the number on the sign he saw. He was positive it was her, right down to the blue collar.

After getting permission from the homeowner of the house of which the dog was seen going towards, the search began. But it didn’t take long as the dog came right up to us. It was indeed Mama! With a lead on her, she went to where her baby was. Both Mama (now Nya) and the puppy (Baby Nya) were taken to the Vet to be checked over. The puppy is in good health and Mama is doing well. The vet said the puppy is only a few days old. There was an extensive search for any other puppies but none were found. * Initially, Mama was brought in for a full check up and the Vet said it was unclear if her puppies would make it. She was in poor health and had an inadequate diet. She is heartworm positive, Lyme positive and anaplasmosis positive. She also had two pellets in her from a pellet gun and one other low caliber bullet in her. It’s believed that the other puppies were either still born, or simply just not strong enough to survive. Thank you to everyone who helped by sharing her flyer and offering help in other ways.”