Generating Sightings is the Key to a Successful Recovery

lost dog

Generating sightings of your missing dog is the key to a successful recovery. You should be using a three-tiered approach:

1. Quickly hand deliver flyers and posting signs in the area where your dog was last seen. This is the Number One way lost dogs are found. This should be done in the first few hours after your dog goes missing and the radius should be expanded until you start to get sightings.

2. Enter your dog’s information into the largest centralized, national, free database,  Pet FBI.  Pet FBI listings  can be searched by the owner, the finder,  or the public. they also provide free flyers and social media links  This is vitally important if your dog is missing for more than a day or two. Dogs can be recovered weeks and months after they go missing, but the chances diminish if their information is not stored online in a searchable database.

3. Use social media, Craigslist, NextDoor and print media. These can work well in the short term but remember that your Facebook post will slip down a page quickly and be forgotten. Craigslist ads only last 45 days and newspaper ads, although effective, will be thrown out with the trash. Again, this is why it is SO important to enter your lost pet’s information into our searchable database.  We receive the report and post it to our appropriate page for FREE. There is no need to pay for 3rd party services. Your money will be far better spent to print flyers and make signs.

Remember your dog is relying on YOU to hand deliver those flyers to help him get safely home. Create your free flyer and social media links at  Then read through this website for more tips to find your missing dog.