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The Lost Dogs of America website was created and is maintained by the two original founding members of the Lost Dogs network: Lost Dogs of Wisconsin and Lost Dogs Illinois.  We are a FREE service.  We developed this website to share the articles, ideas and resources that we have gathered from our experience in the successful recovery of over 20,000 dogs.  Check out our indepth articles in the right sidebar of this webpage for helpful advice to find your missing dog quickly and safely.

Please click on the links below to report a lost dog in one of these states.  If your state is not listed, fill out a report with Helping Lost Pets.  They will provide you with a free flyer and list it on one of their state Facebook pages.

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Lost Dogs of America is pleased to partner with HelpingLostPets.com. We use this website to help us manage your listings as well as provide you FREE services like creating flyers and email alerts to other members in the area. You can view our listings from all of our states on their map at: www.HelpingLostPets.com/MAP