Does Your Pet’s Microchip Number Start With 900?

Microchips that start with 900 share a “code” with overseas or unreachable manufacturers. Many of these microchips are sold by vet supply stores and on Amazon and will have no information on who bought the microchip.

Get your pet scanned at your vet. If the microchip number starts with 900, go to to see if it is registered. If it does not show that it is registered, make sure to register it to for free, or another microchip company if you choose, but make sure it is registered! This is the one exception to the rule of registering to the manufacturer.

If your rescue, shelter or vet is microchipping pets with the 900 prefix, please know that your organization may not be listed on the microchip automatically, making it difficult to reunite lost pets with their families. Be sure to register your organization as the alternate contact. Better yet, register for the owner as the primary contact! Our volunteer team, Microchip Hunters, are seeing an increase in these microchips and it is disheartening. By making sure to register and keep your contact information current, we can help get your loved pets home quickly!

Jeanette Garlow, Microchip Hunters