Allow Your Lost Dog to Have a Hiding Spot

Dogs lost from loud noises or scary situations usually bolt and then hide. They may remain in hiding for several hours or several days. This is okay. Dogs are safe in their hiding spots. They are safe from being hit by cars or from running and getting overheated. They are safe from drowning or being hit by a train.

Let your lost dog have his hiding spot! Let him rest and he will come out when he is hungry or thirsty. Lure him home with scent items, smelly food and a bowl of cool water. He will probably wait until darkness to venture out. Never chase, call, whistle to, follow or pressure a lost dog!

Instead of “searching” for him, use the time to deliver flyers door to door so that if somebody does see him they know who to call and that they shouldn’t chase him.

For an indepth series on how to catch a shy lost dog click here.

To create a free flyer and social media links file a report with our partner, Pet FBI at A volunteer will post it to the appropriate state or provincial page.