Crying Wolf is a Bad Idea if Your Dog is Missing


We have seen some internet advice that suggests owners should create a sense of urgency about their missing dog by including a statement on the flyer that says the dog needs medicine for a serious medical condition (whether it is true or not). In our experience, this is very bad advice because:

1. If your search extends for weeks or months, people will dismiss your flyers and ads, and take down your posters, because they will assume that your dog has died without his medicine. They may not call you with possible sightings because they will think that it can’t possibly be your dog.

2. Anything that creates a sense of urgency and encourages people to chase your dog will prolong your search by causing your dog to leave the flyered area. Chased dogs will become nocturnal, thereby reducing sightings. Also, pressuring your dog can cause him to stay in a heightened sense of anxiety and he may bolt into the path of a car or a train.

We have had MANY successful reunions of dogs who the owner felt would perish without their medicine. Dogs are incredibly resilient and resourceful. Please don’t cry wolf. Your dog is depending on you to bring him safely home.

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