Is Your Dog Lost? Make it EASY for People to Contact You!


Are you missing your dog? Make sure that you make it EASY for people to reach you. Don’t rely on just one method of communication. Check your emails and phone messages frequently. When possible answer your phone in person. Don’t assume the person will leave a message. They often won’t and may only try ONCE to reach you. Make sure your phone’s answering system is set up!

Check underneath all of your social media posts every day. Many times, someone that has seen your dog will post a comment rather than trying to call you.

It is YOUR responsibility to be available to respond to calls or messages. Your dog is relying on you to bring him safely home.

Lost Dogs of America partners with to get more pets home. Create your FREE flyer and social media links for your missing pet at:   A volunteer will post your flyer to the appropriate state page.