The Power of ONE – How a Centralized Database Can Get More Lost Dogs Home and Save Lives


Can you imagine if there was ONE place where every lost and found pet in North America was listed? Can you imagine if every shelter, vet clinic, police department and animal control facility listed all of their found pets in ONE database? Can you imagine if all of those places directed owners who had lost a pet to enter their information into that ONE database also?

Currently there are hundreds of websites, databases, Facebook pages, etc. that you need to search when your pet goes missing. Many of these are not kept up to date, which makes your job even harder. Many animals slip through the cracks and never get home because of this mass confusion.

Let’s join together and help more lost pets get home. If you run a local Facebook page or group, encourage the owners and finders of missing pets to file a report with Pet FBI and then share the listing from there. One of our volunteers will also post your listing on the appropriate state or provincial Facebook page.  Encourage your local shelters, stray holding facilities, police departments and vet clinics to use Pet FBI.  It’s FREE and it works!