Check Nearby Farms for Your Missing Dog

border collie at farm

Scared lost dogs will often gravitate to a farm where there is a reliable food source like outdoor cat food or spilled grain. Farms provide a multitude of hiding places. Lost dogs will hide in sheds, old barns or under old farm machinery and creep out at dusk and dawn to eat. If the dog isn’t bothering livestock, farmers may let the dogs hang around indefinitely. But they may not proactively look for an owner because they assume that the dog was “dumped” off at their farm.

Therefore it is VERY important to flyer every farm in at least a 10 mile radius of where your dog went missing. Talk to the land owners and put a flyer in their hands. Ask them if they have seen your dog hanging around or passing through. Expand the radius to 20 miles or more if you don’t get a sighting. Never Give Up! Lost dogs are safely recovered weeks, months and even years after they have gone missing. Your dog is relying on YOU to bring him safely home.

Create your free flyer and social media links from our partner, Pet FBI at  One of our volunteers will also post your listing to the appropriate state or provincial Facebook page.