Nextdoor – A Neighborhood Site That Can Help You Find Your Lost Dog


Generating sightings is the key to finding your missing dog.  Getting the word out through door-to-door delivery of printed flyers is the NUMBER ONE way that lost dogs are found.  But technology also offers some good opportunities to spread the word.  Of course, Facebook is wonderful, but you want to expand and use as many tools as possible to spread the word.

How can you reach a more localized community? Social networking services for neighborhoods such as Nextdoor provide a wonderful opportunity to share your lost dog flyer with the people who are most likely to see him:  your neighbors.

Just a word of caution.  Posting on these sites can be helpful in the short term. But if your dog is missing for more than a few days, you really need to have your dog’s information listed in a central database.  We use and recommend Pet FBI – the map-based website that enables everyone with a computer, tablet or smartphone to search lost and found pet listings. Nextdoor is a private community – your post may never be seen if the person who finds your dog isn’t a member. Shelters, vet clinics, police departments, etc. will also not be able to see your listing on a private community site.

If your dog goes missing proceed in this order:

  1. File a report with Pet FBI to create a free flyer and social media links. Your flyer will also automatically be directed to the corresponding state organization (eg. Lost Dogs North Dakota)
  2. Print out your flyers and quickly deliver them door to door in the area where your dog went missing.
  3. Create a shareable social media flyer from your Pet FBI account to post on your neighborhood social media site. (you must be a member of your local Nextdoor network to post)
  4. Share on Craigslist and other localized community Facebook pages such as buy/sell sites and rummage sale sites.

Never Give Up!  Your dog is depending on you to use all of the tools available to you to bring him safely home.