APRIL 23 IS NATIONAL LOST DOG AWARENESS DAY To Remind Us Not All Stray Dogs Are Homeless

ldoasquareApril 23 is the second annual National Lost Dog Awareness Day (NLDAD). Shelters and rescues across the United States use this day to bring attention to the many dogs in their care who have family looking for them. We live in a world where people sometimes assume the dogs they find are unwanted. Lost Dog Awareness Day has the stats to prove them wrong.

Lost Dogs of America (LDA), a coalition of states, has documented over 42,000 reunions since 2011. LDA facilitated these reunions by providing tips to owners, by using FaceBook pages for individual states, and by providing free flyers courtesy of HelpingLostPets.com. LDA makes it possible for dogs such as Molly to find their way home.

Thanks to a post on Lost Dogs Illinois; Molly’s photo was immediately shared to other FaceBook sites. The person who found Molly had taken her to a vet to be scanned for a microchip, which Molly did not have. However, staff at that veterinary practice looked at Lost Dogs Illinois FaceBook page and saw Molly’s photo. Molly was home within an hour and a half of being posted as lost. Social media has brought a new awareness to many that rescued dogs often have families who miss them.

LDA and Lost Dog Awareness Day were created by Susan Taney and Kathy Pobloskie – directors of Lost Dogs Illinois and Lost Dogs of Wisconsin, respectively. The LostDogAwarenessDay.org website has a wealth of information to help people who have lost or found dogs. You will also find graphics you can use to help publicize Lost Dog Awareness Day. Why should you help us create awareness?

Your participation will benefit your community because:

  • Getting lost dogs home reduces stress on the owner and the dog, and
  • Reduces work for staff at shelters/animal control facilities and rescues, which
  • Saves taxpayers’ money for animal care, and
  • Opens up cage and kennel space for truly homeless dogs.

It also shows individuals with lost dogs that their community cares!

“When a dog goes missing, many families give up looking for their lost pet. National Lost Dog Awareness Day was created to give hope to the families still looking for their dogs and remind the public that not all stray dogs are homeless” Susan Taney, Director, Lost Dogs Illinois.