lost dog

Always use the words “Lost” or “Missing” on your lost dog flyers. Never use the word “Stolen”. In our experience many dogs that are presumed stolen end up being simply lost or were picked up by Good Samaritans who were trying to keep them out of harm’s way. Implying that people who had good intentions are thieves will make it more difficult for you to recover your dog.

If somebody truly is trying to keep your dog but gets frightened by being called a thief, they may let your dog go into the street instead of calling you first. Plus, people who may see your dog hanging around their farm or home may not call you because your dog was “stolen” so it couldn’t possibly be the same dog.

Make sure your words don’t prevent your missing dog from being safely recovered!

LDOA partners with Pet FBI to get more pets home. Create a free flyer and social media links for your missing dog by filing a report at www.helpinglostpets.com   We will post your listing on the appropriate state Facebook page.