Feed a Lost Dog at the Same Time and Same Place Every Day!


Are you getting sightings of your dog but he won’t come to you?  Don’t take it personally! Dogs can quickly go into survival mode after being lost and may not come to anyone, including their owner.   Even a normally friendly dog can exhibit this behavior. Simply feed your lost dog at the same time and the same place every single day.

This is called a feeding station. The minute you put the food down – walk away.  Don’t look back. Eventually your dog will be sitting in the brush or behind a tree watching… counting on his scheduled feeding.  Make sure that you don’t feed him too much. Ask others not to feed him also. You want him to be hungry enough to come back to the same spot tomorrow!

Then you will be able to gain his trust and implement a strategic plan to catch him.  Or – he might simply feel comfortable enough to approach you one day.  Be patient!  It is better to go slow and methodical than too fast and risk scaring him away.

Generate sightings of your dog by creating and distributing free flyers from our partner,  Pet FBI at www.petfbi.org   Your listing will also be posted to the appropriate state or provincial Facebook page by a volunteer.