Allow a Lost Dog to Settle and Relax

The number one cause of death of lost dogs is being hit by a car. This is often the result of too much pressure on the dog by people who are following, calling, whistling or approaching him/her. Allowing the dog to settle and relax in one area is key to a safe recovery. 

Too many people out in the area is a big problem. Time and time again, we are seeing lost dogs hit and killed because well-meaning people are hampering the effort. We understand that people want to help but their efforts should be used for flyering, not searching. Don’t try to be a hero. Don’t just head out to “search” for a missing dog. Call the owner and ask if a plan is in place and how you can be of assistance. Don’t be the reason that a dog is pressured out of the safe area or worse yet, into traffic and killed. 

Create a free flyer and listing for your missing dog with our partner, Pet FBI at One of our volunteers will post it to the appropriate state page.