Map-Based Website Helps Lost Pets Get Home


The number one way to recover your lost dog is the old-fashioned tried and true method of using flyers and signs to generate sightings. Going door to door with flyers in the area where your dog was last seen has brought the majority of our lost dogs home.

But new technology is constantly giving us more tools in our tool box of lost dog recovery. There are currently dozens, if not hundreds, of lost pet websites and listing services currently available. One stands out because of several unique features.

HeLP ( is a map-based website that has been in existence for two years. Rob Goddard, President of HeLP says that a national lost/found pet database must have two main features:

“First it has to be free. HELP is completely free for the public, shelters, rescues and any pet-related businesses or organizations. HeLP brings together the community by giving everyone access to the same lost/found data.

Second, it must be map based. Location is a key element in locating the family of a missing pet. Starting the virtual search in the area where the pet went missing is exactly how a ground search would be conducted. Having the pet’s details and photo on the map is te most efficient way to conduct a virtual search.”

The HeLP website:

  • allows lost/found pets to be viewed on a worldwide map including a photo and full description that can be zoomed to street level.
  • is free for the public and shelters to use.
  • allows shelters to list all lost/found animals in their shelter
  • allows anyone to search and match lost and found pets 24/7.
  • allows anyone to search by location, species, breed, size or color
  • enables pet owners to easily get the word out to shelters, veterinarians, rescues, volunteer search networks and others near them via the automated email, text and twitter alerts that are generated.

We would like to encourage the owners of lost dogs, our fans, and shelters and rescues to check out the HeLP website and become familiar with it. It truly has the capability of being the one national lost and found database that is so badly needed in this country.