Beware of Scammers Who Prey On People Who Have Lost Their Pets


Our services are FREE.  Beware of pet recovery services who will scam or mislead you by:

1. Charging for something you can get for free or

2. Not providing the services they promise.

Currently, a company called Pawboost (also operating as FindFido)  is contacting people who have filed a report with our sister organizations (via the information on the flyer), invite them to file a report and then ask for their credit card number to “boost” the post.  In some cases they are contacting owners as quickly as ten minutes after we have posted the flyer. They are suggesting that their initial services are free but then charge your credit card for additional “boosting” of your post.  BEWARE!  This is a scam. The number of views that they suggest your post will receive are highly overestimated and you may be charged anywhere from $29.99 to $99.99. You can easily reach a lot of people for FREE on Facebook  by filing a report with Helping Lost Pets and then asking your friends, family, local vet clinics, shelters, businesses, pet supply stores, etc.  to share via Facebook and Twitter with the links provided.  We will also send your listing out on our sister state Facebook pages, some of which have over 50,000 fans at absolutely no charge to you.

Lost Dogs of America sites and our partner, Helping Lost Pets are entirely FREE to use.   Our state organizations are run entirely by volunteers.  We provide free flyers and help you get the word out in your community about your missing pet.  You will receive free tips in an email. Some states have ongoing volunteer support throughout the entire time your pet is missing.  Do not fall victim to an overpriced scam!