Are You Bringing a New Pet Into the Family? Here Are a Few Things to Consider

Have you recently acquired a new pet? Here are a few things to consider:

1. Did the person or organization that you got your pet from have the legal authority to transfer ownership to you? Were they the legal owners? If the pet was a “stray” was he/she scanned thoroughly for a microchip? Was every effort made to locate an owner? Ask these questions of the shelter or rescue. If they are reluctant to answer, be aware that you may end up in a lawsuit with the real owner of the pet and you may lose.

2. Did you get a bill of sale or adoption contract for your new pet signed by both yourself and the seller? Even if a friend gave you a pet, write an official sales agreement and ‘buy” the pet for a dollar. This will help prove your ownership if necessary and will give you the ability to transfer the microchip into your name.

3. Transfer the microchip into your name with a friend or family member as the secondary emergency contact. Do not leave a rescue, shelter or breeder as the primary contact. Your pet may be found and you might never be contacted. Always keep your information updated with the correct brand of the microchip even if if there is a cost involved.